Consider These 5 Tips When Discussing the Topic of Senior Care with Your Loved One

5 Tips to Help When Talking to Mom about Senior Care in Mansfield, OH “One Daughter’s Concern for her Mom in Mansfield, OH” It’s the end of another long workday, and actually the end of the long workweek. You are exhausted, stressed, and have so much on your plate for the weekend that you can even think about relaxing. Every day you have been calling to check in on your mother because, at her age, you know that she may be unbalanced, weak, ... Read more

Does Your Child have Tracheomalacia? Learn How Pediatric Home Health Care can Help.

Pediatric Home Health Care in Bellville, OH Tracheomalacia is a condition that can occur on its own or with another condition such as esophageal atresia (EA). Basically it makes it difficult for the child to exhale during breathing because the rings of cartilage that hold the airway open aren’t strong enough. Quick facts about this condition: It may be present at birth (congenital) or developed later Most children outgrow it by 2 years old or only have a mild case that doesn’t require surgery There are ... Read more

Senior Health Fair held October 24, 2014 at West Park Senior Center in Mansfield, OH.

CENTRAL STAR TO PROVIDE FREE HEALTH SCREENING TO RESIDENTS On October 24, 2014 Central Star Home Health will be participating in a Senior Health Fair. The event will be held at West Park Senior Center in Mansfield, Ohio. Located in the heart of Mansfield at 27 West 2nd Street, West Park offers apartment style housing for seniors and provides various daily activities to ensure the residents stay active. The Health Fair is one of many FREE activities provided to the residents of the ... Read more

How Old is that Milk?? Paying Attention to the Fridge

Elderly Care Concerns in Mansfield, OH As a caregiver, I had a tendency to pay attention to certain things as soon as I arrived at a new patient’s house. One of these was to go through the refrigerator to check for various items and their expiration dates. As an in-home care provider, I felt that it was my responsibility to look out for the best interest of all of my patients, regardless of whether they were new for me, new to home care, ... Read more

Are You Wondering What Pediatric Home Health Care Services Can Offer your Family? Find Out what service the Nurses can provide

“ A Few Examples on How Pediatric Home Healthcare Helped in Mansfield, OH” Pediatric Home Health Care in Mansfield, OH – Benefits and Services Just think how nice it would be, for your child to get the necessary help she needs right in the comfort of your own home. She has more chances to be with her family and enjoy a safe and fulfilling childhood. Trained and loving nurses provide individualized care to meet the medical needs of your young loved one. They ... Read more

FAQ’s Pertaining to Exercising for Senior Adults–Discover How Exercise Can Improve Mom’s Health

Home Care – Cashing in on the Health Benefits of Exercise Since it is true that exercise has a lot of health benefits, have you really taken the time to engage your elderly parents in a variety of different exercise options? They will surely thank you for it as they enjoy the benefits which include the following: Strengthening of the heart and lungs Minimal mood swings Decreased chances of heart attacks and strokes Considerable reduction in weight gain Better restful days and nights General questions regarding exercise for ... Read more