Have you Ever Considered that Keeping Seniors Involved in Decision Making will allow them to keep some independence?

Elder Care in Mansfield, OH – Self-Directed Care: How It Works For seniors, independence is very important; it is important to all of us. As we grow older we may need assistance in certain ways, giving someone else control of some parts of our lives and take away a piece of our independence. Self-directed care is an option allowing seniors to keep as much independence as possible while giving loved ones peace of mind knowing all the important things are taken care ... Read more

Congratulations Lindsay Golden on Your Recent Promotion to Clinical Coordinator

STAR EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT                                          ~ “Change is Good” Lindsay Golden, LPN, is truly a Star Employee at Central Star Home Health Care. Lindsay was recently promoted to Clinical Coordinator as she approaches her third year anniversary in the Company and has shined brightly since her career change in 2012.  Prior to coming to Central Star, Ms. Golden worked in a physician practice but always knew she wanted something more. “I wanted a change in my work environment” and was “impressed with the ... Read more

Discover How Pediatric Home Health Care Can Help Your Family

Pediatric Home Health Care near Loudonville, OH – Help for Parents When You Need it Most It can be hard on parents and families when there is a child who has a chronic illness. A chronic illness can be anything such as Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis or Congenital heart disease. Watching your child deal with a sickness can leave you feeling helpless or struggling with your own emotion because as much as you want to, you can’t make them well. If you are ... Read more

What is Activated Charcoal, and How Does it Affect Our Systems?

Home Care near Bellville, OH – Be Cautious When Using Detox Systems A lot of people look for popular diets or juices they can use to detoxify their systems. Some people turn to various herbs or supplements they see on TV or online. But medical experts warn people to be careful of what’s being advertised with claims to detoxify because it may actually have an opposite effect and harm you instead. One man learned the hard way by taking an activated charcoal ... Read more

Why is Some Sort of Physical Exercise Important at all Ages? Learn the Benefits.

Pediatric Home Health Care in Mt. Gilead, OH – Some Form of Exercise is Beneficial to Everyone All children will catch a cold, get the flu, or come down with chickenpox sometime during their lifetime. But while most kids bounce back, some kids are unable to right away because they have a chronic illness. Children who suffer from a chronic condition often don’t get the regular physical activity that other kids get every day. Exercise or some sort of physical activity has ... Read more