Home Care in Mansfield OH Star Multi Care Services celebrated another profitable year in the business of Home Health Care.  This year will commemorate their seventy eighth (78th) year providing in-home services to the residents of New York, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  For the past 30 years, the company has been owned and operated by Stephen Sternbach who is pictured above (front row in purple) with his management team. Stephen holds a retreat each year to allow his management team to evaluate the ... Read more

How Can You Help a Senior Cope with Fears after Heart Surgery?

Caregiver in Lexington OH Being a caregiver is a multifaceted role. You love your parent and want to nurture and protect them so that they can live a happy and comfortable quality of life. At the same time you are a caregiver, which means that you need to address their physical, mental, and emotional needs in a way that keeps them healthy and safe. One time when these different facets combine is after your parent undergoes heart surgery. Many people suffer from fears ... Read more

Why Older Adults Should be Using Audiobooks

Elder Care in Mansfield OH Reading is a great way to keep the brain stimulated, as well as providing entertainment for the reader. Elders with a medical condition or vision loss that makes it impossible to read do not have to give up their love of books. Instead, audiobooks is a great alternative to its page-turning counterparts. Audiobooks are similar to having someone read a story to you and can be done alone or with the help of an elder care provider. With ... Read more

Relieve Daily Stresses of Alzheimer’s Disease With These Tips

Senior Care in Wooster OH Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease can be a stressful around-the-clock job, especially as the disease progresses. Not only do these family caregivers often have to take time off of work or cut back on hours, but they also have a difficult time keeping themselves healthy. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 74 percent of caregivers report they feel “somewhat” to “very” concerned over maintaining their own health. As your loved one’s health begins to deteriorate due to ... Read more

7 Sun Safety Tips for Elders 

Home Care in Galion OH Now that summer is upon us, many people are excited to spend the next three months outdoors in the summer heat gardening, going to the beach, or simply just sitting outside. Yet, for elders, especially those who may need senior care, it is important they take the right precautions in order to enjoy themselves without risking their health. These tips will allow your loved one to soak up plenty of vitamin D, without harming themselves. 1.      Enjoy the ... Read more

Helping Seniors Stay Connected

Caregiver in Crestline OH When people age and start losing some of their mobility or good health, they can easily begin to feel alone or isolated. And if they live by themselves, that feeling is even more exacerbated. But as a family caregiver, you can help see that their feelings don’t become out of hand or so severe that they become depressed—which can cause another whole set of problems. Today’s technology—while befuddling for some seniors—can also be a blessing in disguise, especially for ... Read more

Keeping the Refrigerator Healthy and Clean

Senior Care in Loudonville OH Helping keep your parent's home clean, fresh, and healthy is an important part of your senior care efforts for them. Not only does this make the home more comfortable and pleasant to live in or visit, but it also helps to reduce the chances of your parent experiencing an illness, infection, or irritation to allergies. One area of the home that is often overlooked during cleaning efforts is the refrigerator. This piece of equipment is a part ... Read more

Preparing Your Parent Ahead of a Severe Storm

Elder Care in Wooster OH With the summer finally just around the corner many people are thinking about all of the fun that these warmer months have to offer. Amid all of your thoughts of summer road trips, visits to the beach, and cookouts with your friends and family, however, you must also keep in mind that summer weather means the potential for summer storms. In many areas, the summer months bring with them the potential for severe weather such as thunderstorm, ... Read more

6 Activities You and Your Elderly Loved One Can Enjoy Together

Home Care in Ashland OH It's really easy to get stuck in a rut and to do the same types of things with your loved one. Consider some of these activity ideas and brainstorm some others that you can try out. Bake Something Together Maybe your elderly loved one is the gatekeeper for a favorite family recipe or she has a favorite baked good that you can make for her. Take the time to bake something together that you can both enjoy. Or consider ... Read more

Is Caregiver Stress Impacting Your Physical Health?

Caregiver in Shelby OH Stress is a natural reaction inside the body. This is the influence that tells you that you are facing a challenge or problem and need to overcome it. The body responds by giving you an intense burst of physical and mental energy sometimes referred to as the fight or flight response. This is because this burst of energy is intended to either help you push through the challenge or to get away from it. While this burst of ... Read more
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