Four Ways for Your Senior to Manage Her Arthritis

Mindset matters a lot when it comes to managing arthritis symptoms and pain. But getting into the right mindset requires a great deal of behind the scenes education, changes, and assistance. Having the right mix makes a big difference for your senior. Follow the Plan Set up by Her Doctor After diagnosis, your senior’s doctor will lay out a plan for managing her arthritis symptoms. That plan is based on her current health, her needs, and the severity of her arthritis. Some of ... Read more

Alzheimer’s is a Disease for the Elderly, Right?

What do you really know about Alzheimer's disease? Many people associate it as a disease the elderly face. While the elderly are more likely to develop Alzheimer's, it can happen at any age. The average age of onset is 75. Does that mean everyone is 75 or older when they learn they have Alzheimer's? No. There are many younger people being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. What is Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease? Early-onset Alzheimer's is diagnosed as Alzheimer's that starts before the age of 65. ... Read more

Why Should You Always Keep Researching Home Care Services Options?

Whether you are a family caregiver or your dad's medical power of attorney, you should always keep researching options for home care services. What's working for your family right now may change. If you stay up to date, you'll be ready to address changes as they arrive rather than rush to figure things out when you're already stressed. Health Can Change Without Warning It's said that there are no guarantees in life. That's very true. Your dad may seem healthy. He could have ... Read more

Activity Ideas for Elderly Fathers

Is your elderly father growing bored with staying home all the time? When illness or injury get in the way of an active senior social life, it can be quite frustrating. As a family caregiver, you are responsible for keeping your aging dad safe, comfortable, clean, fed and healthy. However, none of this can address the fact that your father also needs an active social life and should participate in activities when he can. So, how can family caregivers like you get ... Read more

Increasing Demand for Senior Care Providers

It’s quite common for adult children to worry about their aging parents. Whether they are dealing with arthritis, diabetes, poor vision, surgery or something else related to health, elderly adults frequently develop a serious need for help in getting along in their own home. Because seniors often slow down physically and struggle to take care of their own daily needs, adult children need to step up and make some decisions. Most of the time, adult children are happy to step into the ... Read more

What Does it Take to Make Bathrooms Safer for Seniors?

Donna was worried about her aging mother’s ability to navigate the bathroom alone when showering or attending to grooming and hygiene. In recent years, her mother’s physical health had declined, resulting in bad balance and weak muscles. Combining that with lots of physical effort, slippery floors, and more, Donna felt that the bathroom was growing somewhat inhospitable for her elderly mom to tackle on her own. Age-related conditions, illness and injuries often mean that aging adults need help from family caregivers and ... Read more

Central Star’s Pride: The Local Pioneer of Interveners

Ada Noble just wanted to help children who were disabled. She never intended to be the pioneer for which she is known to be in Ontario, Ohio. As a nurse with Central Star Home Health Care for four years, “she is constantly going above and beyond”, said Angelique Buckingham, Office Manager. “She is the type of nurse that companies dream of having on board. Everything she does seems to be for the betterment of her clients rather than her own personal ... Read more

Helping Aging Loved Ones in a Quest to Quit Smoking

Has your aging loved one been smoking for most of their adult life? If they are battling a lifetime habit of smoking, they may have given up on ever quitting, thinking it is too late. While it’s true that quitting smoking is an extremely difficult challenge, millions of people do so successfully each year. As seniors and their family members grow increasingly concerned about their health, many try to quit smoking once and for all. Family caregivers can do a lot ... Read more

New Research Finds More Seniors May Have Hemochromatosis Than Suspected

Over 500,000 men and women took part in a health study in the United Kingdom. That field was narrowed down to 2,900 participants between the ages of 40 and 70. Of those, they found that 22 percent of the men and 10 percent of the women had a genetic condition called hemochromatosis. These percentages were much higher than expected. It's led to concerns that hemochromatosis is happening more in people of European descent than originally believed. What is Hemochromatosis? Hemochromatosis is a blood disease ... Read more

Do You Know the Signs of a Food Allergy?

Typically, people associate food allergies with children. This may be because children are more likely to have food allergies, but often grow out of them. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, people can develop food allergies at any age. This means that older adults can suddenly develop a food allergy to a food they’ve never had a problem with before. Home health care providers who are knowledgeable about food allergies and know what signs to look for will be better equipped ... Read more
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