Helping Seniors Stay Connected

Caregiver in Crestline OH When people age and start losing some of their mobility or good health, they can easily begin to feel alone or isolated. And if they live by themselves, that feeling is even more exacerbated. But as a family caregiver, you can help see that their feelings don’t become out of hand or so severe that they become depressed—which can cause another whole set of problems. Today’s technology—while befuddling for some seniors—can also be a blessing in disguise, especially for ... Read more

Protecting Your Back when You’re a Caregiver for Dad

Caregiver in Crestline OH You’ve been taking care of your aging father for a while, yet now he seems to require more and more assistance getting out of bed, getting into the tub, or getting around. As a caregiver, you’ve taken on an incredible responsibility and it’s important to not only protect him, but yourself. One of the biggest issues family caregivers have when taking care of aging loved ones is getting worn out and actually hurting their back in the process. Just ... Read more