Did You Know There Are At Least 6 Different Kinds Of Anxiety Disorders? Learn Specifics About Each Kind.

Elder Care near Lexington, OH – Understanding How Anxiety can Affect Your Senior Loved One When you suffer from an anxiety disorder, fear and worry can become long-term symptoms and may become increasingly worse instead of improving over the course of time. Although many adults and even doctors believe fear and anxiety are a normal part of growing old, the reality is they aren’t. “Studies estimate anxiety disorders affect between 3 and 14 percent of older adults in a given year. More women ... Read more

Discover Various Ways to Care about an Elderly Loved One

Elder Care Considerations in Lexington, OH You are a caring and thoughtful person. Your entire life has been devoted to making sure other people have what they need. You don’t like to see anybody suffer and you notice that a member of your family who is in their late 70s may require some type of elderly care. You might not live close enough to them to be a primary elder care provider, but you certainly don’t want them to feel alone in life. ... Read more