Have you Ever Considered that Keeping Seniors Involved in Decision Making will allow them to keep some independence?

Elder Care in Mansfield, OH – Self-Directed Care: How It Works For seniors, independence is very important; it is important to all of us. As we grow older we may need assistance in certain ways, giving someone else control of some parts of our lives and take away a piece of our independence. Self-directed care is an option allowing seniors to keep as much independence as possible while giving loved ones peace of mind knowing all the important things are taken care ... Read more

How Old is that Milk?? Paying Attention to the Fridge

Elderly Care Concerns in Mansfield, OH As a caregiver, I had a tendency to pay attention to certain things as soon as I arrived at a new patient’s house. One of these was to go through the refrigerator to check for various items and their expiration dates. As an in-home care provider, I felt that it was my responsibility to look out for the best interest of all of my patients, regardless of whether they were new for me, new to home care, ... Read more