Is There a Way to Keep Family Members Informed and Still Have Peace?

Keeping the peace and keeping other family members informed about your loved one's health don't have to be mutually exclusive goals. With a little practice and planning, you can manage both. Don't Force Anyone to Participate It can be really difficult for some family members to participate in meetings or discussions about your elderly loved one's health. They could be in denial or they could be so emotional about your loved one's condition that they cannot cope. With that in mind, making mandatory ... Read more

Who Are the Candidates that Should Have a Flu Shot?

Home Care in Mansfield, OH – Does Your Parent Really Need A Flu Shot? When flu shots come around it can be difficult for some people to decide whether or not their elderly loved one should really get one. They also have a hard time deciding if they should get one for themselves. There are always two sides to the flu shot dilemma. You can look over the facts and statistics and decide for yourself. Your loved one may want to make ... Read more

Home Care in Mansfield Ohio- Making Memories

Alzheimer’s Care at Home – Making a Memory Box With Alzheimer’s disease comes memory loss. Making something for your loved one such as a memory box is a very thoughtful and loving way to help your senior keep some of their cherished memories alive. Family members can meet together to gather things that they think would be important to their elderly loved one so that a memory box can be compiled for them. Making the box How do you do this? First of ... Read more