Driving safely could mean that your elderly family member embraces some of the new types of technology that are available in vehicles. Here are just a few of the ones that might interest her the most.

Voice-activated Controls

Systems that operate with voice commands, such as radios or cruise control, can help your elderly family member to keep her eyes on the road and her hands on the wheel. Both of those can keep her far safer while driving than if she were too focused on distractions.

Elderly Care Mansfiled OH - What Kinds of Vehicle Technology Might Make Driving Easier for Your Aging Adult?

Elderly Care Mansfiled OH – What Kinds of Vehicle Technology Might Make Driving Easier for Your Aging Adult?

Blind Spot Alarms

As your elderly family member ages, she may find it difficult to do things such as turn her body to see over her shoulder. This is called checking the blind spot and it’s an essential part of driving safely. Blind spot alarms use sensors to determine when something is in the blind spot of your senior’s car and can sound both an audible and a visual alert. This can help her to avoid collisions, even when she’s positive she checked her blind spot.

Rear-facing Cameras

Rear-facing cameras use a wind-angle camera at the back of the vehicle to send an image to a screen near the driver. This allows your elderly family member to see anything that is behind her car, even if it’s not showing up in her rear-view mirror or in the side mirrors.

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Drifting from one lane to another is extremely dangerous and can happen in an instant. Much like blind spot alarms, lane departure warning systems can signal to the driver with both visual and audible alarms when the sensors determine that the vehicle is drifting.

Built-in Emergency Response Systems

Many vehicles have a wireless communication system that your elderly family member can use to request help in case of a medical or vehicular emergency. Many of these systems will automatically call for help in the event an emergency is detected.

Even with all of the technology available in vehicles today, your senior may still need occasional help from another driver. Having elderly care providers on hand can help her to get where she needs to go when she’s not able to drive herself.

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