Cognitive problems, which can include memory loss, are an issue that can lead to a lot of fear for your aging family member. You and she both may be concerned about whether she’s really dealing with a cognitive problem or there’s something different at play. It helps to know what to watch for so that you can make more thorough decisions.

Home Care Services Galion OH - Is it Cognitive Impairment?

Home Care Services Galion OH – Is it Cognitive Impairment?

Familiar Processes Are Now Difficult

When familiar processes and things in your senior’s life become difficult for her that can be a sign of trouble. Some of the examples you might watch for could be things like making a recipe that she’s always made before, even with the written recipe in front of her. Or she could be having trouble with activities she’s never needed help with, such as getting dressed in the morning. Hiring home care services providers can give both you and your aging adult more confidence in these types of situations.

Yesterday Is Fuzzy for Her

When cognition becomes troublesome, events that happened in the recent past can be fuzzy or even nonexistent for your senior. She may have no trouble remembering events that happened several years ago, but those have had time to get processed into long-term memory. Having trouble with recent events can point to difficulties with short-term memory.

Conversations Are Difficult

Cognitive difficulties contribute to difficulties with communicating, especially in conversations. Your senior might start repeating questions or stories, without realizing that she’s done so. Or she might have trouble remembering the name of someone that she’s known for a long time. These little signals could be a big sign for you or your elderly family member’s doctor that there’s something more going on.

Your Senior’s Behavior Changes Quickly

Behavior and moods that change quickly can be a sign that your elderly family member is having trouble keeping up with what’s going on around her. She may become agitated or withdrawn when she doesn’t understand what others are talking about. She could also behave erratically when she’s trying to cover for forgetting something important. Talk with your elderly family member about the behaviors you’re seeing and determine if there’s more that you can do for your senior.

The best way to determine for certain if your elderly family member is experiencing cognitive impairment is to talk with her doctor. There are tests that he can run in order to determine what is going on and how much it affects your senior and her life.

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