When an elderly adult is physically affected by chronic illness, injury or age-related impairment it often means they must rely on others for help around the house. Family members, homecare aides and others must step in to assist them with some of the tasks of daily living, like cleaning, cooking and even getting dressed. Family caregivers can provide dressing aides for their elderly relatives to boost their ability to do as much for themselves as possible when it comes to getting ready for the day.

Homecare Ashland OH - What are Dressing Aides for Elderly Adults?

Homecare Ashland OH – What are Dressing Aides for Elderly Adults?

Dressing Sticks

Dressing sticks are simple in design but really manage to help seniors in getting dressed with a limited range of movement It also helps to compensate if they have lost some or all the use of one arm or hand. The dressing stick is a few feet in length with a hook on one end.

Button and Zipper Pulls

Sometimes seniors no longer have the fine motor skills required to grasp a zipper or manipulate a button through a button hole. These tools usually feature a hook at one end of an easy-to-grasp handle. The device loops over the button or through the zipper, then the senior can maneuver it to accomplish the task.

Sock Aid

Pulling on socks is hard for those with knee, hip or back problems. With a sock aid, seniors can place the sock on the device and pull it onto the foot securely. Long socks, short socks and even compression socks are no problem for elderly adults when they use a sock aid.

Shoe Aids and Removers

The shoe remover is ideal for elderly adults that are unable to bend down to pull their shoes on and off. A long shoe horn helps seniors slide their foot into a shoe without bending over. With a remover, a formed plastic piece rests on the floor. It has an opening that is large enough for the heel to fit in. With a smooth motion, seniors can pull their foot out of the shoe without bending over.

Bra Clip

For women that may struggle to put on a bra, the bra clip helps them do it alone. It holds one end of the bra while the elderly woman brings the other around the body and attaches them together. It is intended for front clasping bras, which are much easier for seniors to manipulate.

Specialized Accessories

There are plenty of specialized accessories and adaptive clothing that seniors can add to their wardrobe when they want to dress by themselves as much as possible. Examples include open back shoulder snap shirts, side zipper pants, wraparound skirts, and one-handed belts.

Of course, seniors will still need help from family caregivers and homecare assistants with many daily tasks like bathing, grooming and even help with dressing. However, it’s important for their self-esteem and sense of independence if they can do as much as they can on their own.

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