Over time, your elderly adult may slowly start to lose her hearing. Sure, that makes some things more difficult for her, but is it really that important? It turns out that her hearing affects so many aspects of your senior’s life.

Elderly Care Wooster OH - Why Is Hearing Loss a Big Deal for Your Aging Adult?

Elderly Care Wooster OH – Why Is Hearing Loss a Big Deal for Your Aging Adult?

Hearing Loss Affects Relationships

You might look at hearing loss as simply an inconvenience or something that makes life occasionally more difficult for her. But hearing loss can do so much more than that. Her relationships with you and with other people can be dramatically affected. She might withdraw and socially isolate herself out of fear that other people will become frustrated or irritated with her.

Communication Is also Affected by Hearing Loss

This might seem obvious, but communication is different for your senior once she starts to experience hearing loss. Your senior may start to ignore conversations or say things that don’t make sense in response to conversations. People who don’t understand what’s happening might even stop trying to talk to her out of frustration.

Ear Infections Are Tougher to Spot

There are lots of symptoms of ear infections, but one of the biggest can be a change in your senior’s hearing. If she’s not able to hear well already, though, this crucial symptom might be overlooked for a long time. By the time you notice an ear infection, your elderly loved one could be in a great deal of pain.

She Might Be More Likely to Fall

Most people tend to think of ears as all about hearing and that’s about it. But the inner and middle ear are crucial for maintaining balance. If your elderly adult already has even a small problem with mobility or balance, having compromised hearing can make the problem significantly worse. To avoid a fall and the injuries that could accompany it, test her hearing regularly.

Hearing Aids Can Help

Hearing aids aren’t a perfect solution, but they can help with a great many of these issues. The problem often is that because they aren’t a perfect solution, your senior might not want to wear them. Prompting her can work, especially if she’s going to be in situations where she wants to interact with other people.

Elderly care providers can help your aging family member and you with all of these issues. They can help you learn better ways to communicate with your senior. They can also give your elderly loved one prompts to assist her with managing other issues around her hearing loss.

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