Being an advocate for your senior can be as simple as making sure that she’s supported and loved at every stage of her journey. But if you’re looking to get more involved in helping more seniors, you can use your voice at a variety of levels.

Home Care Bellville OH - Four Ways to Be an Advocate for Your Senior

Home Care Bellville OH – Four Ways to Be an Advocate for Your Senior

Educate Yourself about Seniors’ Issues

When you first started being your senior’s caregiver, you might not have known as much as you wanted to about the issues that affect her and other senior citizens. But as you learn more, you realize that there is so much going on that has a direct impact on your aging family member’s health and well-being. And a lot of that involves issues that you can directly speak to because you’ve been caring for her.

Look for Agencies that Advocate for Seniors

There are a ton of different agencies that handle advocacy for seniors on multiple levels. You can work with them as a volunteer, which can help you to learn even more about the issues that affect aging adults. As you learn more, you can find ways to get more involved if that feels like something that you have time and energy to do.

Start Writing Some Letters and Emails

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to volunteer, you might have a little more time than you think to write letters and emails to stand up for seniors in your area. If there’s an issue you’re particularly passionate about, writing letters to the editor of your local paper can help. Or you might send letters to companies that cater to seniors. They may not realize how their products or services help or even don’t help the seniors they market to.

Legislators Need to Hear from You

The highest level of advocacy can be writing to your senior’s legislators. These are the people who, both on the local and the national level, make the laws that affect your senior and other people like her. Attend town hall meetings when you can and get to know where your legislators stand on the important issues.

You may not have time right now as a caregiver to do much advocacy in big ways. But you can always do small things here and there to make sure that you’re standing up for your senior and for other people in the same boat as your senior. That’s what being an advocate means.

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