Vacations help families relax and unwind for a few days or weeks. When you have an aging parent joining you, it can make the vacation harder to manage. You have different activity levels. Your kids may have a lot of energy, but your parents need time to stop and rest.

Elder Care Crestline OH - Is a Staycation the Best Way to Take Your Parents on a Trip This Summer?

Elder Care Crestline OH – Is a Staycation the Best Way to Take Your Parents on a Trip This Summer?

You want to try new cuisines and really get a taste for the area’s culture and gastronomy. Your parents want foods they know won’t upset their digestive system. You like renting a house, but your parents prefer hotels with a specific type of mattress. It gets frustrating.

A staycation can solve many of these issues. You still go out and do new things. At the end of the day, everyone goes to their home and bed for a great night’s sleep. You save money avoiding the cost of renting a home or hotel room. Plus, you’re close enough to return your parents to their home if they get tired.

What Do You Do on a Staycation?

Staycations are totally up to you. Pick things you love to do and spend a few hours or days doing them. If you love spending time at the beach, pack a picnic and hit a beach for the day. On day two, pick a different beach and pack a different picnic. You could skip the picnic and find a beach that has food trucks or restaurants for your meals. Dine out in between dips in the lake or ocean.

If you’d rather explore new cultures or history, plan an itinerary that stops at museums in your area. You could tour a historic home, visit an art museum, and finish the day exploring an aquarium. Again, you could save money with a picnic lunch or visit an area restaurant that no one has tried before.

There are many other ways to have a staycation. Drive to a neighboring city that you don’t often take time to explore. Go into a state forest or a local nature preserve to spend time in nature. Sign up for a cooking class at a local culinary institute or arrange a tour of the coastline by boat.

Keep Yourself From Burning Out When You’re Not Taking a Vacation

When you’re not taking a vacation, you may start taking on too many tasks. You’re helping your parents around their home. You have work and your own household responsibilities. If you do too much and never take breaks, it can lead to caregiver burnout.

Make sure you step away to have time to yourself. Elder care services provide you with the chance to take a break, run errands, and have some downtime. Discuss rates and services by calling our elder care specialist today.

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