If you and your senior haven’t talked much about conserving her energy levels, it might be time to do so. When your senior does conserve some of her energy, she can use it in ways that she enjoys and that benefit her.

Home Care Wooster OH - How to Help Your Senior to Conserve Her Energy

Home Care Wooster OH – How to Help Your Senior to Conserve Her Energy

Keep Energy Levels in Mind

Everyone has energy cycles throughout the day, including your senior. She might have a lot more energy after she eats breakfast than she does later in the morning. Scheduling her day according to the ebb and flow of her typical energy levels can help her to naturally do more when she’s able to do more. When her energy levels are a little lower, that might be a better time to rest. As she gets more used to honoring her energy levels, this can become a lot easier.

Combine or Eliminate Tasks

Some of the tasks and activities that your senior tries to do, especially routine tasks like housework, can either be eliminated, adjusted, or combined to be less of an energy drain for her. She might feel as if she’s done some of these tasks the same ways for a long time, so there’s no need to change them now. But if the adjustments help her to conserve energy, that’s a big deal.

Tools and Carts Help a Lot

Rolling carts and other tools that make tasks easier are a huge help for your senior. She might feel as if it’s weird using something like that inside her home, but they can help her to do more with less energy. Give some of these types of tools a try to see how they work for your senior.

Duplicate Items Used Often

You might also start to notice that there are items your senior needs or wants that are often in another part of the house. This can mean that she has to go where the item is and then go back where she wants to use it. If that happens often enough, she may find that she’s burning a lot of energy simply hunting those items down. Duplicating those items can be a great way to reduce that running around.

Get Some Extra Help

Household tasks take up a lot of energy and there’s nothing that says your senior has to handle those herself. In fact, it’s probably past time for someone else to do those for her. Home care providers can tackle household tasks quickly and efficiently, leaving your senior a clean and orderly home and plenty of energy that she can use in better ways.

It isn’t always easy for your senior to learn how to conserve some of her energy. She might be used to doing so much and now she’s having to limit those activities. The key here is to remind her that she needs to have energy left over for the things she wants to do.

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