Your senior knows that she should be doing certain things to keep herself as healthy as possible, but how is that going lately? If it’s not going so well, you might have to try some of these tips.

Home Care Services Mansfield OH - Four Tips for When Your Senior Won’t Do What She Needs to Do

Home Care Services Mansfield OH – Four Tips for When Your Senior Won’t Do What She Needs to Do

Get a Grip on Your Reaction

Your first reaction to this type of situation is not likely to be the one you really want to put forward. It hurts when your senior isn’t taking care of herself and you might want to do things for her. You can’t force her to take better care of herself and you shouldn’t simply take over, so that means you need to have a better first reaction. Step back and remind yourself that you’re there for your senior and that you want the best for her. That can help you to approach this conversation from a more friendly perspective.

Talk to Your Senior

When you’ve got your reaction a little more under control, talk to your senior. Listen to what she’s telling you about why she’s not taking better care of herself or why she’s not doing the things she knows she should be doing. There may be a lot more going on than you realize, especially in regard to how she feels about her health and about what is happening. She may also have a much different approach to handling the situation.

Look at How Important the Situation Is

After you get her perspective, it’s important to look a little deeper at how urgent this is. If your senior’s actions, or inactions, are going to create a serious health hazard for her, you may need to keep pushing her. If what she’s doing doesn’t create a dangerous situation, you may need to let it go. For instance, eating junk food a couple of times a week might not be incredibly bad, especially if she’s eating healthy foods otherwise. But failing to check her blood sugar might be putting her into a more dangerous situation.

Let Your Senior Know You’re There for Her

You need and you want to help your senior, but there might be times when all you can do is let her know you’re concerned and that you’re there for her. Ultimately, there are a lot of decisions that she’s going to make on her own and that she should make on her own. Unless there are reasons for you to push harder for her to do things your way, you may need to simply step back for a bit.

Something else to consider is that sometimes caregivers find their recommendations to be ill-received by their senior family members. Having home care services providers offering the same assistance or advice can sometimes go better, simply because that person isn’t a relative. It can be worth a try.

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