Extended power outages negatively impact all ages. They can be especially alarming to an aging parent who lives alone. Make sure your dad is prepared for a lengthy power outage by using this checklist.

Home Care Crestline OH - How Do You Prepare Your Dad for a Lengthy Power Outage?

Home Care Crestline OH – How Do You Prepare Your Dad for a Lengthy Power Outage?

Keep Non-Perishable Foods and Water Bottles on Hand

During a long outage, your dad may not have access to water. If he’s on a well, the pump isn’t going to be running. If there was a flood, his water may not be safe. Make sure there are several gallons of water available for drinking. You could also keep fruit juice that doesn’t have added sugar on hand.

Stock up on non-perishable foods. Peanut butter, preserves, canned foods, crackers, and granola bars work. He won’t have a refrigerator or stove while the power is out, so he needs to have items that he can eat without chilling or cooking. If he has an outdoor gas grill with a side burner, he can use that for heating canned soups and stews.

Have Plenty of Batteries and a Radio

Have a store of batteries for flashlights and a battery-powered radio on hand. Flashlights or battery-powered lanterns are a better idea than candles that increase the risk of a fire. If your dad has a smartphone, invest in a power bank and have it fully charged before the storm hits.

Your dad can rely on those to listen to broadcasts and emergency storm warnings. The power bank helps keep his phone charged in case of an emergency.

Keep Updated on Evacuations

Keep up-to-date with evacuations in your dad’s area. If you hear of any, don’t let him stay. He may be fearful of leaving his home, but he needs to consider his safety. He can go to a shelter, your home, or another trusted person’s home until the storm passes. If he has pets, they should go with him for comfort and their safety.

Make Sure Someone Can Check on Him

Is someone able to check on your dad during a power outage? It could be a neighbor, a nearby family member, or a friend. If no one is close enough, make sure you’ve made arrangements for welfare checks with a home care agency.

Would he be able to get help if he needs it? If he’s no longer safe alone during the week, it’s time to look into home care services. A home care aide is there for companionship, help around the house, and transportation. Call to learn more.

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