If you’ve been trying to convince your senior to take up a little bit of exercise, she might have had some reasons not to do so. To be fair, some of her reasons may well be valid, but there might be some reasons that don’t hold as much water. Always rely on what her doctor recommends in terms of exercise and moving more.

Home Care Services Galion OH - Four Excuses Your Senior Might Have about Exercise

Home Care Services Galion OH – Four Excuses Your Senior Might Have about Exercise

Athleticism Is an Activity of the Past

In the past, your elderly family member might have been quite the athlete. She might have been so successful athletically, in fact, that there’s a part of her that feels as if since she can’t hit those heights now, exercise doesn’t really matter and why do it. But the reality is that if she was athletic in the past, she can still be a little bit athletic now. She doesn’t have to train for the Olympics. What you’re aiming for here is for her to move her body a little bit more.

Age-related Reasons That Make Exercise Impossible

Age is an affliction that everyone faces. Yes, your senior is growing older every day, but that doesn’t mean that exercise is a waste of energy or time. If she’s willing to stick with a regular exercise routine she might find that those age-related issues that plague her now might feel like a little less of an active issue.

Injuries Are a Given

Just because your senior is thinking about exercising more, that doesn’t mean that she’s definitely going to get hurt. Paying attention to what she’s doing, warming up and cooling down, and making sure she’s doing the right exercises are all key components of keeping your senior safe and injury-free as she moves more.

Health Issues Keep Her from Moving

Your senior might also believe that her current health issues should keep her from exercising. The reality is that her doctor might still recommend that she does some form of exercise. It’s not about doing a lot of exercise or heavily exerting herself, it’s literally about moving more. There are exercise programs for people who are confined to bed or to a wheelchair, so there are bound to be exercises your senior can safely do.

Exercise can be scary for your senior, especially if she’s never really done much in the way of exercising in the past. Make sure that she has someone with her, such as home care services providers when you can’t be there with her. Home care services providers can help her to feel more secure about committing to an exercise plan.

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