It’s incredibly difficult to start losing your vision when you’ve always relied on it in the past. Your senior may have some emotional responses to her vision loss that surprise you, in fact. Finding ways to make vision loss less of a difficulty for her is essential.

Home Care Services Lexington OH - Five Ideas for Making Vision Loss Easier on Your Senior

Home Care Services Lexington OH – Five Ideas for Making Vision Loss Easier on Your Senior

Talk to Her Eye Doctor

Just because your senior is losing her vision, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need her eye doctor. Her eye doctor can still help to determine if her eyes are healthy and whether there is anything else she can try. Ruling out other eye problems is also important.

Bump up the Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important on so many levels. If your elderly family member has lost only a little of her vision, improved lighting can make a big difference. Your senior’s eyes won’t have to work as hard to make out some of the details that are difficult for her to see. Her idea of dim lighting is also likely to be a bit brighter than you expect it to be.

Consider Using Magnifiers

Magnifying tools can do more for your senior than either of you might expect. It’s a good idea to try out a variety of different types. Handheld versions with flashlights attached may be one of the best options because they make whatever she’s looking at a little bigger, but also illuminates the area. Smartphone apps that use the camera to magnify can also be helpful, especially when your senior is out and about.

Audio Versions and Large Print Editions Keep Her Reading

Reading when your senior’s vision is failing might seem like something she just can’t do anymore, but that doesn’t have to be true. Audiobooks and large print editions of more books can all make reading so much easier. Another option can be for you or someone else to read to your elderly family member. Home care services providers can do this as well, while also offering companionship.

Consider Bringing in Home Care Services Providers

But home care services providers can do more than read to your senior, too. They can also help out with tasks that have become more difficult for her as her vision has become more of an issue. There may be other ways that they can help that you never thought were possible.

Try different answers to see what helps your senior to be able to cope the most as she deals with diminished vision.

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