During the coronavirus pandemic, people are told to stay at home. This is going to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, because people have to stay at home more, this is causing people to exercise and move around less. If you want to help your elderly loved one increase their physical activity during the coronavirus pandemic, there are numerous ways that you as their caregiver can help them to do this.

Caregiver Lexington OH - Ways to Increase Your Elderly Loved One’s Physical Activity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Caregiver Lexington OH – Ways to Increase Your Elderly Loved One’s Physical Activity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Encouraging More Activity

One of the best ways that you can help your elderly loved one get more physical activity is by encouraging them to do so. Sometimes elderly adults, and others, just need someone to motivate them a bit. If you can call up your elderly loved one and ask them to go for a walk while talking to you on the phone, that would be great motivation. This would allow them to get in many steps and strengthen their body at the same time. Professional guidelines state that elderly adults should be getting between 120 to 150 minutes of moderate exercise in every week.

Sitting Less and Moving Around More

It is important that your elderly adult knows they should be sitting less and moving around more. Many elderly adults sit around throughout the day while watching television, napping, or just because they are bored. If your elderly loved one is bored, encourage them to do some sort of physical activity. Have them march in their living room or walk from one end of their home to the other 5 times. If they can do so, have them get outside for exercise. If they have a caregiver, maybe the provider could go outside with them.

Making Exercise Out of Chores

If your elderly loved one needs to move around more during the coronavirus pandemic, have them do exercise while getting chores done. For instance, they can vacuum or do stretches after every few pieces of laundry they fold. There are many ways to get exercise while doing chores.

Encourage Them to Get All Sorts of Exercise

It is important for elderly adults to get all sorts of exercise. They should be doing balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance exercises. They can do a little of each of these every day or spread them out through the week.

Remember, even though you want your elderly loved one to be getting more activity throughout the week, they still need to be safe when doing it. Make sure they aren’t doing more than their body is capable of. If something starts hurting, tell them to take it easy for a while.

Sources: https://health.gov/sites/default/files/2019-09/Physical_Activity_Guidelines_2nd_edition.pdf

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