For one reason or another, your dad’s doctor recommends he changes his diet. He may have been diagnosed with diabetes or developed high blood pressure. If he needs to improve his diet, the first thing to do is go through his pantry. Some items need to go.

Homecare Galion OH - Pantry Staples Your Dad Needs for a Healthier Diet

Homecare Galion OH – Pantry Staples Your Dad Needs for a Healthier Diet

White flour isn’t as good as whole wheat white flour. White rice is a poor choice compared to brown rice.

As you clean his pantry out, you’ll need to stock it with healthier options. Here are the healthier staples to consider adding.


Whole grains are high in fiber. Fiber is important as it can help lower the risk of constipation and certain cancers. It also plays a role in preventing diabetes and heart disease.

Your dad should keep whole grains like barley, quinoa, farro, and cracked steel-cut oats on hand. He can also think of grains like cracked wheat and brown rice.

Fruit and Vegetables

While fresh fruit and vegetables are ideal, canned work well when selections are limited. Canned fruit must be packed in fruit juice or water rather than syrup. Vegetables should be low-sodium varieties when possible. Otherwise, rinse them before use to remove some of the added salt.


Canned and dried beans are important to keep on hand. They’re high in fiber and offer protein, too. If your dad likes canned beans, try to get low-sodium beans. If not, rinse them thoroughly before using them.

Aim for a variety of beans. Black beans and rice is a quick and easy meal for busy nights. Puree canned chickpeas to make falafel. Dried navy beans are a good choice for homemade baked beans.


Lean proteins are important. While some of these proteins are refrigerated, there are pantry staples to keep in stock. Canned low-sodium tuna is one. If your dad likes sardines, they’re a good source of calcium. Canned salmon is another option to consider.

Nut butters are another source of protein. He wants to avoid nut butters with added sugar. Instead, almond butter, peanut butter, and pistachio butter are options to keep in mind.

How is your dad at shopping? If he needs help and you don’t have the time, homecare aides can help him with his shopping list. They can take him shopping and help him make decisions in the store if he needs help. After driving back home, the homecare aide can carry things back inside and put groceries away.

Would he rather have a caregiver available to run errands for him? Call our homecare agency to make the arrangements.

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