Wound care services at home provided by home health care providers can help your elderly family member to come home earlier from the hospital and gives you peace of mind that she’s in good hands. She also gets personalized assistance that meets her exact needs.

Assistance Assessing and Caring for Wounds

Home Health Care Lexington OH - Five Benefits of Wound Care for Older Adults

Home Health Care Lexington OH – Five Benefits of Wound Care for Older Adults

Sometimes it’s difficult to be able to tell on your own whether your senior’s condition, especially a wound, is getting better or not. Home health care providers have experience with tending to wounds and watching them for signs that they’re worsening. They’re able to change bandages and clean wounds, helping your senior to heal more effectively.

IV Therapy for Infections

The risk of infection is always high when you’re talking about wounds, especially if they’re taking a long time to heal. Your senior’s doctor may recommend intravenous therapies, including antibiotics, in order to get the right medications into your senior’s system to help her to heal. If she’s having trouble eating or drinking enough, IV therapy can help with that, too.

Medication Management Help

Managing a variety of medications can be confusing, especially if your senior isn’t feeling confident about keeping up with them. If her doctor is trying different medications to assist with different issues, like pain or infection, that can just add to the confusion. Home health care providers simplify the process and ensure that your senior is taking what she needs to take at the right times.

Personal Care Assistance

Depending on the location and the severity of the wound, personal care may be impossible for your elderly family member to handle on her own right now. Tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and taking care of hair and tooth brushing may be way too difficult for her. Having daily help with those tasks ensures that she feels clean and refreshed and that she’s not causing herself or her wound harm to do so.

Therapy to Improve Quality of Life

Other types of therapy may help your senior’s overall quality of life. If she’s been immobilized due to her wound, she may have lost both strength and endurance. Physical therapy or occupational therapy may help her. These therapists can come to her at home and can help her to gradually become stronger, which can help her to regain her independence as she heals.

Whether your elderly family member is dealing with a wound because of surgery or an injury, home health care providers can assist her in healing.

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