In 2016, the CDC reported that more than 300,000 senior citizens fractured their hips. Three of every four hip fractures involved a woman, possibly because women have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

Elderly Care Bellville OH - Important Steps to Take if Your Mom Falls and Fractures Her Hip

Elderly Care Bellville OH – Important Steps to Take if Your Mom Falls and Fractures Her Hip

The older your parents are, the higher the chances of them falling and breaking their hip. Most of these fractures occur when a person falls sideways. A fall can happen on icy pavement or decking, dimly lit front or back steps, or out of bed. If your mom breaks her hips, it’s important to take these steps.

Talk to Her Doctor

Involve yourself in the trip to the hospital and follow-up appointments. Your mom may or may not need hip surgery. If she does, it can take months for her to heal.

Her doctor will advise her of the exercises she should do, the frequency of therapy sessions, and follow-up care. She may need a bone density screening. By being there for those discussions, you know what your mom should be doing and can make sure she does.

Encourage Her to Move Around

Back at home, your mom needs to walk around regularly. She can’t risk blood clots or weakened muscles. If she is fearful of walking alone, join her. If you have to work, get someone to help her walk around her house up and down the street. She may need a walker or cane at first, but she’ll regain speed as she gets used to using a device.

Improve Home Safety

Go through your mom’s home and look at areas where a fall could happen. Bathrooms should have grab bars. If your mom doesn’t like the look of a grab bar, look at models that have towel bars below the supportive handrail.

Look at the stairs both inside and outside the home. Can you clearly see each riser? If not, brighter lighting is important. Check flooring for loose carpeting, broken tiles, or warped boards. Make sure that items in kitchens are with reach. If not, move them around to make them more accessible.

Finally, go into your mom’s bedroom. Is the route from her bed to the bathroom clear of clutter? Are there nightlights to help her see in the dark. Motion-activated lighting installed at the floor level may help.

Hire Elderly Care Providers During Her Recovery

While she recovers, make sure she has the support of an elderly care professional. She will be encouraged to get up and build muscles and bones, but she may need someone to help with routine tasks.

Elderly care aides can remind her to take medications on time. They can cook meals that meet calcium guidelines. Elderly care services also include transportation to and from businesses like medical offices and therapists. Talk to our elderly care agency to find out more about the benefits of caregivers after a hip fracture.


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